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Home Generators in Edison

Be prepared year-round for unpredictable power outages. Residents throughout New Jersey have experienced long and short-term power outages from Hurricane Sandy, and could have greatly benefited from having a home generator standing by. If you experienced power outages recently, investing in a Generac home generator will save you the hassle of having no power in the future!

Why Choose Generac Generators?

Generac specializes in electric generators of all kinds, with designs to fit any homeowners needs. Edison HVAC carries the Guardian Series of Generac Generators which are the best option for New Jersey homes looking for a power generator solution. Generac Guardian Series electric generators are automatic, and provide the most reliable, and convenient generator power source.

In addition to being a highly regarded manufacturer of home generators, Generac is also committed to sustainable design. You can have peace of mind when installing a home generator knowing that throughout the entire design process Generac greatly considers its potential effect on the environment. Go with the leaders in power generators.

How Do Electric Generators Work?

Generac stand-by Automatic Home Generators are installed outside the utility line, and detects energy flowing through it. When the Generac Generator detects an interruption of power flow from the utility line, it automatically turns on, sustaining power throughout your home. The Generac Generator safely disconnects the utility line and simultaneously connects to a new power line from the generator. This simultaneous switch serves as a major convenience! The electric generator will also detect when power flow has been restored in the utility line, and automatically switch back.

You can customize your Automatic Whole Home Generator to best fit your needs in the event that you experience a power outage. Edison HVAC offers the following power generators from the Generac Guardian Series: 8KW, 10KW, 14KW, 17KW, and 22KW.

If you are a New Jersey resident and interested in purchasing an electric generator by Generac, look no further than Edison HVAC! Our Service Technicians are standing by to install the new equipment. Upgrade your home before the winter really hits, and be prepared for worse!

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