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Plan on Preventative Furnace Maintenance in Central New Jersey

Basic furnace maintenance is the short solution to making sure that your big investment has the longest life possible. Edison Heating & Cooling recommends a short, preventative, maintenance visit with an HVAC technician around once a year; typically, at the end of summer. We’ll help you get your furnace ready for another cold season of constant use by ensuring that it’s clean and in good working order. Regular maintenance promotes home safety for years to come.

Home Safety Includes Your Furnace

Maintenance for any element of your heating or cooling system usually impacts one of two areas: safety and savings. From a safety perspective, oil, gas, and even electric-based heating systems all present fire hazards due to the inherent nature of the heating elements used to warm air. While the exact type of danger can vary, the one thing you can do to catch warning signs early is work with Edison Heating & Cooling to inspect your entire system.

As an extra reason, furnaces that come with a manufacturer’s warranty frequently include the stipulation that the warranty is only valid as long as regular maintenance is pursued. That means that if your furnace breaks down or causes a more serious problem on your property due to negligence and lack of maintenance, your warranty may not cover the damages and you’ll have to pay for repairs out-of-pocket.

Long-Term Savings on Your Heating Bill

The other reason to keep up on routine inspections and tune-ups for both your furnace and your cooling system is the monthly savings you’ll see on your utility bills. According to the Department of Energy, old systems have an AFUE rating (the ratio of heat generated compared to the amount of fuel required) of about 56% to 70%. Newer, high-efficiency heating systems can convert over 90% of energy used into heat using condensed flue gases for less wasted energy.

Your Furnace Inspection and Tune-Up

Depending on the type of furnace you own, a regular tune-up might include:

  • Performing a combustion-efficiency test to measure AFUE
  • Testing for carbon monoxide
  • Cleaning and oiling the blower, as well as cleaning dirt, soot, or corrosion throughout
  • Checking the condition of the vent connection pipe, chimney, heat exchanger, and combustion chamber for cracks or damage
  • Adjusting water and air temperature and supply settings to maximize efficiency and comfort
  • Checking for safe fuel input
  • Sealing connections between the furnace and main ducts to prevent heat from escaping

Call the HVAC Team in Your Area

Even if you’ve fallen behind on furnace maintenance, now is the time to call us. We won’t make you feel bad for forgetting to care for your furnace when you didn’t even know it was important! Our team will simply get to work protecting you and your family for years to come.

Schedule a free estimate now for your furnace maintenance!