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Fast, Efficient AC Repair for Central New Jersey Homeowners

Air conditioning is a necessity for homeowners and commercial business owners alike. When an air conditioning system stops working, Edison Heating & Cooling understands how important it is for your comfort—and your bottom line—to identify and repair the issue quickly. That’s why we offer emergency services throughout Central New Jersey to all of our commercial and residential customers. We aim for 100% satisfaction, so that you can contact us with confidence for a free estimate and responsive action.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

We always recommend calling a professional HVAC team to make any adjustments or repairs to your heating or cooling system, because it’s easy to make the problem worse or more expensive when you try to do it yourself. However, every homeowner should be able to assess the warning signs of common air conditioning issues that need repair so that they know when to call in the professionals at Edison Heating & Cooling.

Is your AC showing these symptoms?

The air conditioning won’t turn on and off.

This obvious problem might have a much less obvious cause. The thermostat may be broken or improperly calibrated, or the filters or vents may be too dirty and blocked. This is a great example of why you shouldn’t make repairs on your own. The problem may be clear, but finding the correct solution requires a professional inspection.

The air from the unit or vents isn’t cold.

This is a common problem if your air conditioner is older, inefficient, or inappropriately sized to cool your entire home. The result is a system under too much strain to cool enough air for the whole property.

The air conditioner is leaking water—maybe inside your house.

Even if the temperature is mild, a leaking air conditioner demands immediate attention before the damp begins to foster mold, mildew, and other structural hazards. This is often a sign of a broken or rusted condensate drain or pan, or a blocked drainpipe. Edison Heating & Cooling can clear or replace the malfunctioning elements.

The unit is making loud or unusual noises when running.

The moving part of your AC system, the fan belt, is usually responsible for unusual noises. If it’s worn out or broken, you’re wasting electricity and money by running an inefficient air conditioning unit. Call our team to cut the noise and the expense.

Choosing to Repair or Replace

Sometimes, frequent or expensive repairs indicate that a new air conditioning system is money better spent. Instead of thinking that the process is inconvenient, ask our HVAC technicians for a free estimate of the cost of a new system…and the potential energy savings with a more efficient model. This could be the perfect opportunity to go green for the planet and for your wallet.

Stay cool! Call Edison Heating & Cooling today!