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Heating and Cooling in Union County, NJ

For the past 30 years, Edison Heating & Cooling has been keeping Union County, NJ, residents comfortable year-round and helping them save on their utility bills. As a team of professional HVAC technicians, we’re your trusted provider of air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality service throughout the region. We’ve always been locally owned and operated, so we have a deep understanding of our community’s needs, from the weather to the most common kinds of residential HVAC systems and their weaknesses. If you live in Union County, please contact us for routine inspections or even 24/7 emergency services.

Working in Older Homes Across the County

Edison Heating & Cooling employs a knowledgeable local team of trained specialists to help you care for your home HVAC systems. We train all our employees in the latest technologies for energy-efficient air conditioning and heating. At the same time, we don’t neglect older homes throughout Union County, either, because our team members also understand the older systems that might need repairs.

In order to set our services apart, Edison Heating & Cooling keep cost-savings and energy efficiency in mind, too. If you have an older system that needs repair, our technicians will consider the cost repairs vs. replacement to make a recommendation on when to install a new and more cost-efficient, energy-saving system, especially when the end result is more affordable than continuing to repair an older or failing air conditioning or heating system. Your total satisfaction is our priority, and that includes helping you save money in the same way we would help our own families and neighbors.

Communities We Serve in Union County

The mobile team of HVAC technicians in Union County is always ready to come to your address in the neighborhoods and communities across the county and beyond! If you live in the county near any of these towns, you can call us for quick, professional service.

  • Berkeley Heights, NJ
  • Clark, NJ
  • Cranford, NJ
  • Kenilworth, NJ
  • Mountainside, NJ
  • Scotch Plains, NJ
  • Summit, NJ
  • Westfield, NJ
  • Fanwood, NJ
  • New Providence, NJ
  • Union, NJ
  • Linden, NJ
  • Roselle Park, NJ

Even if you live in a neighboring county, be sure to visit our other local pages to find the community nearest you so you know that our team is ready and able to come to your home address for maintenance. Plus, in an HVAC emergency, Edison Heating & Cooling is always happy to help you!

HVAC Maintenance Tips by Edison Heating and Cooling

When to Contact a Professional HVAC Technician

At Edison Heating & Cooling, we recommend that all homeowners have a twice-annual inspection of their heating and cooling systems following the seasons. Once in the spring as your heater goes off and you start up your AC system, and once in the fall when it’s time to power down the AC and make sure your heater is clean and ready to efficiently keep your home cozy. New Jersey weather goes from blazing summer heat to intensely cold winters, so these checkups will keep your HVAC system as energy efficient, clean, and reliable as possible for the days and weeks when you need it the most.

Call (732) 372-7161 for professional HVAC repairs now!

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