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Schedule Heating and Cooling Services in Somerset County, NJ

Edison Heating & Cooling provides quick, professional heating repair service, even after hours. Our technicians will identify the problem and then give you a free estimate for the solution before getting right to work. To see what kinds of issues and heating systems or air conditioners we work with, go to the HVAC Services page or call our team at (732) 372-7161 today.

Caring for Your Home HVAC System in Somerset County

Preventative maintenance and tune-ups are always the best way to avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns on everything from your car to your furnace. If you haven’t used your air conditioning in a while, for example, if temperatures are just starting to go up after a cool winter, give it a test run to check its power and efficiency as spring and summer roll around. Let a room heat up for a while during the middle of the day, and then turn the AC on full blast. Note how quickly the air coming from the vent becomes cold, how quickly and evenly the room cools down, and whether or not the unit makes any loud or strange noises, as if it’s straining and struggling to operate at max capacity.

There might be some dust in the system that will blow out for the first few minutes of operating. You’ll probably see or smell it, but if an unusual smell of any kind persists after the first few minutes, there might be a more serious problem somewhere in the wall, and you should contact a professional before continuing to use your AC unit. Getting a tune-up from Edison Heating & Cooling won’t break the bank, and you’ll be taking a positive safety step to avoid a major meltdown. Check out the Air Conditioning Services page now to learn more!

Somerset Communities We Serve

Contact Edison Heating & Cooling for 24/7 emergency service or simply a scheduled maintenance visit if you live in:

  • Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Bedminster, NJ
  • Bridgewater, NJ
  • Branchburg, NJ
  • Franklin TWP, NJ
  • Hillsborough, NJ
  • Martinsville, NJ
  • Somerset, NJ
  • Warren, NJ
  • Bernardsville, NJ
  • Somerville, NJ
  • Far Hills, NJ
  • Bound Brook, NJ
  • Watchung, NJ
  • Skillman, NJ
HVAC Maintenance Tips by Edison Heating and Cooling

Review Your Local HVAC Technician

Do you love our special offers? Have you had a great experience with one of the Edison Heating & Cooling HVAC technicians during an emergency repair somewhere in Somerset County? Would you like us to offer a different product or expand our service area in New Jersey? Our team wants to hear from you. Please let us know your feedback by visiting the Satisfaction Survey page now. Your input is how we determine what promotions to offer, which services to focus on, and how to improve your experience. After all, without the continued support from our customers, Edison Heating & Cooling wouldn’t be here. Thank you for your business and your survey ratings!

Schedule an annual HVAC maintenance visit today!

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