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Frequently Asked Questions: HVAC Installation Services

Will my Installation Require a Deposit?

Edison Heating & Cooling does require a deposit of $500.00 dollars or 20% of any unfinanced balance.

When Do I Pay for My Installation?

Payment is due in full at the completion of your installation. All finance paperwork must be completed before the installers leave your home. On occasion, your project may require multiple visits and a payment schedule will be provided by your Comfort Advisor.

Can I Cancel My Installation?

All contracts may be canceled according to NJ State Law within 3 business days of the signature. All cancellations must be in writing within the time frame required by law or all deposits will be forfeited and legal action could be necessary for special order products or equipment staging.

Do You Install Hot Water Heaters?

Edison Heating & Cooling can install any type or size hot water heater. Standard sizes are 40, 50 or 75 gallons. We also offer Indirect and On Demand hot water heaters. See Price sheet for standard models. Indirect and On Demand models require a site visit.

Should I Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioning at the Same Time?

While you are not required to replace both pieces of equipment at the same, it is always recommended. Today’s high-efficiency systems receive all their energy ratings as a complete system. So to maximize  your energy efficiency, it required a matching set of equipment. Often we replace a washer and dryer at the same time because they often wear out at the same rate. Usually, in a home, the air conditioner has a shorter lifespan but furnace repairs often become more frequent and expensive at the same time. People often spend money on short-term repairs when they could already be saving with a new high-efficiency system. It is also less expensive to replace both pieces of equipment at the same time because we can optimize our field labor and expenses with one visit to your home and pass the savings along to you.

Do You Install Gas Piping?

Edison Heating & Cooling will install gas piping only as part of a complete system or oil to gas conversion. Gas piping to appliances or fireplaces is not something we offer.

Do You Install Ductwork?

Edison Heating & Cooling has a complete sheet metal fabrication facility on site for all residential and commercial duct fabrication. Ductwork installations that are not part of a new or replacement system and will be priced accordingly and require a site visit.

Do You Install Conversion Burners on Existing Equipment?

Edison Heating & Cooling will not install a conversion burner on an existing appliance because of unreliable operation and nuisance callbacks.

When Can I get it Installed?

Most replacement systems only take one day to complete. Our installation schedule will vary by demand but usually, we can complete a next day installation if required. A waiver of notice of cancellation is required for all next day installations. Local zoning requirements may delay your installation until a zoning review has been completed. This will vary from municipality to municipality. Weather or medical emergencies are handled with immediate response by all municipalities if necessary.

New systems often require multiple days to complete the installation and must go through the permit process so your schedule will be subject to your local municipal offices' response time.

Do You Install Boilers?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers a full line of both high efficiency and standard efficiency hot water boilers for oil and gas installations. We also feature a complete line of steam boilers for both oil and gas systems.

What Type of Systems Do You Install?

Edison Heating & Cooling will install most residential or commercial heating & cooling systems. Our systems include oil, gas, propane and electric. We install hot air furnaces, central air conditioning including overhead and high-velocity systems. We offer a full line of heat pumps both ducted and ductless mini split systems. We offer water and steam boilers and packaged heat or cooling units for rooftop or ground installation.

Do You Install Standby Generators?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers a complete line of Generac Power Systems for both limited and whole house transfer. Whole house transfer is available only on the 22KW model. A site visit is required for pricing. Commercial generators are available by request and a site visit is required.

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