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Frequently Asked Questions: General Inquiries

What Brands do you carry?

Edison Heating & Cooling is proud to be qualified as a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer. We offer a full line of Carrier products that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have received the Carrier Presidents Award each of the last 4 years. Edison Heating & Cooling is in a unique position and can offer other products such as Lennox, Goodman, Comfortmaker and Amana. Your Comfort Advisor can help you select the right brand and products for your home. Please keep in mind the most important day of any new system is the day that it is installed not the brand you select. It is more important to choose the right dealer.

How Long Will May Appointment Take? What Will They Do?

Your visit with our comfort advisor will last approximately an hour.

During your visit, our comfort advisor will:

  • Measure your home
  • Inspect your current system
  • Check the sizing of the ductwork or radiation
  • Discuss all current manufacturers and state high-efficiency incentive programs and rebates
  • Complete an ACCA (Air Condition Contractors of America) Manual J heat load calculation
  • Provide a detailed energy analysis with a computerized energy saving estimate.

Your comfort Advisor will cover all of your equipment and venting options with warranties and provide a detailed written quotation, and will also cover all payment and finance options for your system.

Do I Need Permits and Who Applies For Them?

Permits are required for every heating and cooling installation in New Jersey. Edison Heating & cooling will pay for and process all permit applications and they are included in your price. Be careful of companies offering to complete a project without permits because this means no safety inspection on your new system and often an additional cost added to the job.

Are You a Licensed NJ Plumbing Contractor?

Our affiliate Hunterdon Heating & Cooling is a Licensed NJ Plumbing Contractor but we do not offer plumbing repairs.

Do You Do Commercial Work?

Yes!! Edison Heating & Cooling has a complete commercial installation division and a custom sheet metal fabrication facility onsite.

Do You Do Zoning?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers complete zoning systems in both residential and commercial applications. We feature the Carrier Infinity zoning system on forced air systems and Carrier multi zone ductless system for residential installation. Commercial zoning is available upon request. Pricing will vary by application.

Hot water boilers are zoned with the use of circulator pumps and a control panel for more reliable operation. Zone valves are used by request only.

Do You Offer Duct Cleaning?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers duct cleaning for sheet metal ductwork only. No flexible or insulated duct will be cleaned. No supply or return registers will be removed from the walls because of possible paint damage. All duct cleaning during normal business hours (M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm)

  • Condo/ Townhouse $400.00 plus tax
  • Single Zone Residential $450.00 plus tax.
  • Two Zone Residential $700.00 plus tax
  • Three Zone Residential $950.00 plus Tax
  • Commercial Duct Cleaning requires a site visit for pricing

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, along with accepting all major credit cards, Edison Heating & Cooling can provide several long and short term finance options. Your Comfort Advisor will be glad to discuss them during your visit.

Do You Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos removal is done only as part of a complete system replacement and will be performed by our Licensed New Jersey subcontractor and will be quoted as an option. A separate visit with the subcontractor will be necessary for a price quotation. All asbestos must be removed prior to Edison Heating & Cooling starting your project.

Do You Remove Oil Tanks?

Oil tanks are removed by our subcontractor who is licensed by the State of New Jersey and are quoted as an option. Oil tank removal is required with any oil to gas conversion by the State of New Jersey. A separate visit will be required by our subcontractor for all in ground oil storage tanks.

Do You Offer Oil to Gas Conversions?

Edison Heating & Cooling can complete any oil to gas conversion including the necessary gas piping from your meter to the new system. Accommodations for future gas appliances are also available.

Do you sell Air Cleaners?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers a full line of Aprialire and Carrier indoor air quality products including both standard and electronic air cleaners.

  • Standard Air Cleaners use high efficiency filter media to capture dust and dirt
  • Electronic Air Cleaners use an electronic grid to charge dust and dirt particles which are than captured by the media filter

Do you sell humidifiers?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers a full line of Aprilaire & Carrier Indoor Air Quality products which included standard by-pass humidifiers, power humidifiers for variable speed furnaces and steam humidifiers for homes that require more critical humidity control.

  • By-Pass Humidifiers use the system fan and ductwork to move air across a water panel to create humidity and distribute through your home
  • Power humidifiers have their own fan to move air across a water panel to create humidity and also use the system fan and ductwork to distribute humidity through your home
  • Steam humidifiers use an electric heater to boiler water and create steam and uses your heating system fan to distribute the humidity through the home using your ductwork. A steam humidifier can also be installed with a fan package for home without ductwork. Service can assist with installation and pricing

Do You Sell Parts & Equipment to the public?

Due to restrictions in our insurance policy, Edison heating & Cooling does not offer electrical, gas or refrigerant parts or any equipment for sale to the public without installation. Homeowners may purchase air filters and humidifiers water panels through our service department.

Do You Sell UV lights?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers a full line of indoor air products including UV (Ultra Violet) Lights. Our Air Knight Air purification system will reduce bacteria, mold, viruses, odors, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and more. It uses a unique Phot Ionic Oxidation process to provide fresher, cleaner indoor air.

How Do I Know You Will Do it Correctly?

Edison Heating & Cooling has over 30 years of professional heating and cooling installations all which have passed rigorous state and local inspections. Edison Heating & Cooling also maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angies List. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is back by Carrier the world’s largest heating and cooling manufacturer.

I Have a Coupon.

All coupons must be presented at the point of sale with your Comfort Advisor. No coupons or discounts are accepted during or after the installation.

Is Edison Heating & Cooling a Licensed NJ HVAC Contractor?

Yes, Edison Heating & Cooling is a NJ Licensed HVAC Contractor and carries all necessary liability and workmen’s compensation insurance and credentials to work safely in your home.

I Need a Ballpark Price Before Anyone Comes Out

I am sorry, but every home has unique installation requirements, and as a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer we are required to complete an ACCA (Air Condition Contractors of America) manual J heat load calculation for each job. Your existing equipment sizing may not meet the standard for today’s new refrigerants and high-efficiency systems. There have also been changes to the installation code requirements that must be checked. To avoid any confusion Edison Heating & Cooling must inspect every installation prior to quoting any pricing.

Is the estimate free?

Yes!! Edison Heating & Cooling will provide you with a free, no obligation written quote for the installation of any new system. All repairs (part replacement) must be handled through our service department. Service will not replace any part without completing a diagnostic on the system first. There is a charge for this service.

Pricing, Discounts and Promotions

Our company uses a Straight Forward Pricing Guide. This means that every homeowner pays the same price no matter where in New Jersey you live. We do offer special discounts for complete systems, multiple system or product installations. Existing customers will also receive priority when special discounts become available. Please ask your comfort advisor about all current promotions.

  • $1000.00 off a complete high efficiency heating & cooling system
  • $500.00 off any furnace, boiler or air conditioning unit

What Does A.F.U.E Mean?

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is the energy rating that all gas heating systems are judged by. For example, a unit that is rated at 80% AFUE will provide only $80.00 worth of heat for every $100.00 in gas that it uses. Therefore, $20.00 is going right up your chimney. The higher the AFUE rating the less money you waste heating your home each month.

What Does S.E.E.R Mean?

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the energy rating that all air conditioning systems are judged by. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the unit is. It is like the MPG rating for a car. The higher the rating the less gas your car will use to go each mile. Each SEER point could save you up to $50.00 per month in operating cost. Or hundreds of dollars over the cooling season.

What is Single Stage?

Single Stage is the term used to describe the operation of a gas valve in a basic gas furnace. This simply means the unit is on at 100% of its capacity. So if your home is already warm the additional heat goes out the chimney and is lost. Almost like opening a window in the middle of the winter. These furnaces often cycle on and off causing hot and cold drafts in your home and more wear and tear on the equipment as a result.

What is Two Stage?

Two Stage is the term used to describe the operation of a gas valve in your furnace. This simply allows the gas valve to open only 50% of the way to reduce the amount of gas going into your furnace. This allows the system to run longer and helps provide a more even temperature in your home. Your furnace will cycle less frequently providing for less wear and tear on moving parts.

Who Will Come To My Home?

Our Comfort Advisor will arrive at your home dressed in our company uniform and will be driving a company vehicle that carries our permanent lettering and logos.

Why do I have to be Home?

Our Comfort Advisor must have access to your home to complete their necessary paperwork in order to provide our written quote (see appointment time). We ask that everyone involved with the installation be present to eliminate any and all questions regarding the installation, products, rebates and guarantees. Our services are in very high demand and it is very difficult and costly to make return visits. There are often daily specials and scheduling incentives that become available and are purchased only while available. Every Comfort Advisors goal is to get the best possible price for each and every homeowner.

Will I receive a quote or an estimate?

Edison Heating & Cooling will always provide a written quote on every job. This means you pay the price that is quoted and nothing more. Many other companies provide an estimate which means there are often hidden charges that come after or during the installation such as permits fees, electrical wiring and oil tank removals.

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