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Frequently Asked Questions: Heating & Cooling

Should I Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioning at the Same Time?

While you are not required to replace both pieces of equipment at the same, it is always recommended. Today’s high-efficiency systems receive all their energy ratings as a complete system. So to maximize  your energy efficiency, it required a matching set of equipment. Often we replace a washer and dryer at the same time because they often wear out at the same rate. Usually, in a home, the air conditioner has a shorter lifespan but furnace repairs often become more frequent and expensive at the same time. People often spend money on short-term repairs when they could already be saving with a new high-efficiency system. It is also less expensive to replace both pieces of equipment at the same time because we can optimize our field labor and expenses with one visit to your home and pass the savings along to you.

What is a Two Speed Air Conditioner?

High-efficiency air conditioners use a compressor that has a high and low-speed motor built into it. This allows for easier starting, better dehumidification and more even cooling in your home. These compressors are also much more energy efficient and start and stop less to save energy and wear and tear on the system. Two-speed compressors work well for dehumidification and provide more even comfort in your home.

Can My New Air Conditioning System Act as A Dehumidifier?

With the Carrier Infinity System, you will have the ability to control the humidity level in your home for both heating and cooling. During the summer months the system will run at lower speeds and maintain the humidity level so when cooling is required your home will cool faster and be more comfortable. Two speed or variable speed air conditioning is recommended but not required. Only available with Carrier Infinity furnaces on air handlers.

Do You Sell Whole House Dehumidifiers?

Edison Heating & Cooling offers a complete line of Aprilaire and Carrier Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products including whole house dehumidifiers. They can be added to any warm air heating system or ducted in for a standalone operation. A site visit is required by our Comfort Advisor for pricing.

What is a Modulating Gas Furnace?

When describing a gas furnace modulating, the gas valve is constantly adjusting to allow more or less gas into your furnace to better regulate the heating in your home. All modulating furnaces come with variable speed blower motor. Most brands use a timer to control this operation.

When paired with the Carrier Infinity Control, your modulating furnace will regulate the output of your furnace to provide a constant air temperature in your home as required by the room temperature. The Infinity Control will also regulate the fan speed to provide a blanket of warm comfortable air circulating throughout your home and will all but eliminate hot and cold spots in your home.

What is a Variable Speed Furnace?

When used to describe a furnace, the term variable speed refers to the indoor blower motor or fan on a high-efficiency system. This allows the blower motor to speed up and slow down gradually to eliminate the blast of cold air often felt when a furnace first comes on for heating. Most brands use a timer to control this operation.

When paired with the Carrier Infinity Control, the variable speed motor becomes more independent and will regulate the fan speed based on room temperature to provide your home with warm air circulating throughout your home to help eliminate hot and colds spots during the heating season. During the cooling season, when paired with the Carrier Infinity Control, the blower motor will optimize its speed to provide quicker cooling at higher room temperatures and more gradual cooling once the room is closer to temperature. This results in improved dehumidification and a higher level of comfort in your home. These motors are very energy efficient and often save over $100.00 per season in energy costs.

A standard gas furnace offers a multi-speed blower motor or fan and can be set for individual speeds. One speed for heating and another for cooling and they are not adjustable based on temperature or humidity.

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