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Advantages of Hydronic Systems

In 1842, Joseph Nason and James Walwort introduced the first boiler hot water heating system to the US. The 1880s saw a spike in popularity of the system and since then, hydronic heating has developed alongside forced air systems for residential and commercial applications.

So when does it make sense to use hydronic heating? Here are some benefits of this technology and reasons to install one.

Reduced electrical consumption

Hydronic systems use a pump to circulate hot water throughout your home. A properly designed and installed piping system requires a pump that uses less energy than the typical fan used in forced air systems. This saves you money on your electricity bill for the same amount of heat needed.

Easier zone controls

In general, air systems use one or two thermostats and dampers to control heating in different sections of your home. Most homes only have one thermostat and rely on air balancing to get the rest of the house to the right temperature. This limits individual room control, making some spaces warmer than others. Hydronic systems use control valves that are easier to install and connect to individual thermostats for better zone control in your home.

No distribution of allergens throughout your house

Because hydronic systems circulate water in a closed loop, they don’t transfer air from one space to the other. Air systems work by distributing air throughout the home, increasing risk of spreading allergens and dust throughout. This has had the ripple effect of increasing maintenance requirements to protect your indoor air quality since you have to clean ductwork annually and change filters on a regular basis.

Piping takes up less room than ductwork

Water carries more heat than air, so a smaller volume is needed. This means small piping for hydronic systems vs. larger ductwork for an air system. Finding room in ceiling spaces and walls is always challenging. Choosing a system of pipes over a ducted system can mean the difference between having a usable basement or a cramped space.

If you are considering the installation of a hot water heating system, give us a call and we can discuss the options that would best suit your needs. We can also help you maintain your existing hydronic system so you get maximum benefits.

Advantages of Hydronic Systems

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