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When you are preparing your household for the winter season, you may want to consider whether you are ready for a new heating system installation. A team of HVAC contractors near Edison can convert your outdated, oil-based heating system to a brand-new gas furnace. By making the switch to a gas heating system installation, you will enjoy improved efficiency, comfort, and safety. Some signs that an oil to gas conversion is right for your home include:

You are struggling to pay your heating bills.

Heating can be a major expense for any household. If you have started to find that your heating bills are too expensive during the cold winter months, it might be time to think about scheduling an oil to gas conversion for your home. When you switch over to natural gas, you will find that your new heating system is much less costly to operate than an oil unit. Over time, the cost savings of an oil to gas conversion will eventually make up for the initial cost of the installation.

You are concerned about your home’s indoor air quality.

One of the major drawbacks of oil furnaces is that these units can generate pollutants that contaminate your indoor air. When you grow tired of constantly cleaning out your oil furnace and worrying about indoor air pollution, you may want to think about making the switch to gas. Natural gas is incredibly clean burning, and this heating solution will help to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

You are tired of ordering oil for your furnace.

In order to make sure that your oil furnace is operational throughout the winter season, you will need to place regular orders to have your oil reserves refilled. In comparison, a natural gas furnace will provide you with heating on demand. Rather than worrying about the next time that your oil runs out, you can enjoy improved convenience with the power of a natural gas furnace.

Disadvantages of Oil HVAC Systems by Edison Heating & Cooling