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If you are considering a new air conditioning installation for the upcoming spring season, you may want to consider purchasing a ductless AC system. Unlike conventional central heating and cooling systems, which require extensive ductwork throughout the home, ductless AC units can deliver consistently cooled air, without the need for new ducts. A company that offers air conditioning installation near Edison will be able to answer your questions about the benefits of going ductless. Let’s review the basics of how ductless AC systems work to keep your home cool during the hottest days of the year.

The Outdoor Compressor Condenses Gas

Similar to a conventional AC unit, a ductless system is equipped with an outdoor compressor. The job of the compressor is to condense a special type of gas. As the gas is compressed into the condensing coil, it will be turned into a liquid that is called refrigerant. Air passes by the refrigerant and is immediately cooled down. In order to move air through the compressor, this unit is also equipped with a powerful fan.

The Indoor Fan and Evaporator Coil Cool the Home

After air passes through the outdoor compressor unit, it will be sent to the indoor fan and evaporator unit. The evaporator coil ensures that the air is able to flow through the system. With the powerful blowing action of its fan, a ductless AC system is able to cool down a large room very quickly. The process of continually cycling air allows the ductless system to keep the space cool.

The Homeowner Chooses the Desired Temperature

With a ductless AC system, you will have the ability to choose an indoor temperature that feels good to you. Your ductless AC unit will be equipped with a thermostat that will allow you to dial in a precise temperature. Some types of ductless systems can even be connected to programmable thermostats, which automatically turn the units on and off at designated times throughout the day.

Ductless AC Systems Work Explained by Edison Heating & Cooling