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Whether you have been using an oil heating system for years, or you have just moved into a home that has an oil furnace, now may be the time for a new heating system installation. By replacing your oil based HVAC system with a gas unit, you will enjoy improved efficiency, safety, and overall performance. Heating and cooling contractors in Edison will be able to perform all of the steps that are needed to transform your oil unit into a gas system. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits that a gas conversion has to offer for your home.

Greater Affordability

When you perform an oil to gas conversion in your home, you will find that your new gas furnace is less expensive to operate. Heating oil can be a major expense for any household during the winter season. With a new gas furnace, affordable natural gas will be piped directly into your system. Overall, a new gas system is a terrific investment for your home.

Improved Convenience

With an oil powered unit, you must constantly check your furnace to make sure that its fuel reserves are not getting too low. If you start to run out of oil, you will also need to take the time to schedule a delivery. A gas system, however, is delivered with fuel on demand. As a result, your gas heating system will be much more convenient to operate during the winter months.

Better Safety

Safety is a key concern when you are choosing a new heating system for your home. Overall, gas heating systems are among the safest types of furnaces that are available today. Unlike oil furnaces, which must be cleaned in order to prevent accident or injury, a gas furnace will remain safe to operate without extensive or costly cleaning services. Once you have explored the many benefits of gas heating systems, you will be ready to schedule your installation.

Benefits of Converting to a Gas Heating System Explained by Edison Heating & Cooling