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The summer season is heating up, and now is a great time to schedule an air conditioning installation for your home. With a brand new air conditioning installation for your home in Edison, NJ, you will be able to enjoy cool comfort, even when outdoor temperatures soar. If you have noticed that your central heating and cooling system has been losing efficiency, there may also be steps that you can take to boost the performance of your AC on your own. To help you prepare for an appointment with an air conditioning technician, here is a look at some everyday things in your home that could decrease your AC efficiency.

Open Windows

Open windows can be a huge source of efficiency loss for your AC system. When you have a window open even a crack, your home will quickly start to lose its cool, climate controlled air. While it may be tempting to open a window and enjoy the fresh breeze, you will need to keep your windows closed to preserve the efficiency of your AC system.

Blocked Ducts

Along with making sure that your windows are closed when you have your AC running, you may also want to check to make sure that your HVAC ducts are not blocked or obstructed. Over the years and seasons, your HVAC ductwork can become clogged with dust, dirt, and other forms of debris. If you can see visible dust clogging your vent, this is a sign that your AC may not be able to operate efficiently.

Improperly Arranged Furniture

The layout of your home’s furniture may also have an effect on the efficiency of your AC. When you have large, bulky furniture items that are placed directly in front of your AC vents, your system may not be able to cool your home effectively. By taking the time to rearrange your furniture, you may be able to boost the performance of your AC system.

Everyday Things That Decrease Your AC Efficiency as Explained by Edison Heating & Cooling