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Edison Heating and Cooling has been a trusted provider of heating and cooling repair near Edison for almost three decades. In addition to heating and air conditioning repair, we are experts in all aspects of HVAC system maintenance, new unit installation, and emergency heating and air conditioning repair. Whether you are in search of a new, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning unit, or simply would like to have your current unit tuned up for the season, Edison Heating and Cooling has got you covered.

Edison Heating and Cooling is also proud to offer round-the-clock emergency heating and air conditioning repair service. If your air conditioner decides to fail on the hottest Saturday evening in July, rest assured that an Edison technician will be on the scene and ready to tackle the problem in no time. We offer up-front pricing so that you will not be surprised by hidden costs or extra fees. Edison Heating and Cooling is proud of our outstanding reputation and loyal base of past clients. Our straightforward and honest approach to residential heating and AC service has made us a trusted ally for Edison area homeowners since 1987.

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