blowing-in-celluloseInsulation is one of the most cost effective energy saving improvements you can make to your home, but what you may not realize is that not all insulation is created equal. All too often, hastily installed fiberglass batts or poorly installed cellulose with no air sealing can lead to insulation not performing as it was designed to — insulation’s R-Value is greatly decreased when air leaks allow cold air to permeate it (the black edges you often see on pink fiberglass batts are a tell-tale sign of air infiltration — that’s dirt and dust being carried through leaks and deposited in the insulation).

Our process at Quality Air Specialists is to begin with a comprehensive home energy audit, including blower door testing and infrared diagnostics, to pinpoint spots in your home where insulation was poorly installed, or has settled over time, and to focus on sealing air leaks and adding insulation in those areas, to make sure that your investment is the most cost effective possible.

With an insulation upgrade from Quality Air Specialists, paired with air sealing efforts to combat air infiltration, you can expect to net hundreds of dollars annually in energy savings, while living in a more comfortable home, with fewer drafts, lower utility bills, and a smaller carbon footprint. A number of rebates for energy efficiency improvements are also available to help pay with upfront costs. Contact us today to learn more.