A home energy audit is the perfect start to a more efficient home. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t realize the extent of energy waste or that problems in the home are energy related. Energy audits reveal where and how energy is being used inefficiently, and provided effective measures for improvement. Contact the experts from Quality Air Specialists, and we’ll utilize state-of-the-art procedures and equipment to accurately evaluate your home, provide a detailed report of the findings, and recommend cost-effective solutions. Established in 1985, we help home and business owners across New Jersey achieve their goals for a healthy, comfortable, and efficient indoor environment.

HOME performance

Energy Audits

Keep up on your home energy performance!

Common areas of energy deficiency in the typical home include inadequate insulation, building envelope integrity issues, air distribution performance, roofing materials, and leaks or design flaws in ductwork. These problems contribute to higher than necessary energy bills, inadequate comfort, greater stress on HVAC components, and polluted indoor air quality. By specifically identifying where thermal barriers are compromised, Quality Air Specialists provides the information, recommendations, and strategies you need to fix the problem.

Call Quality Air Specialists for a trusted home energy audit!
Quality Air Specialists is Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified, EPA Lead Safe certified, and entirely NATE-certified. Our highly trained and specialized team takes advantage of proven strategies, such as blower doors, to measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope, and Infrared Thermography, to identify elusive points of air infiltration and insufficient insulation. We can also evaluate the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, and provide options for conserving hot water and electricity. Contact Quality Air Specialists for an Energy Audit of your home or workplace, and we’ll provide a rewarding start-to-finish service. We provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions to energy concerns in South Plainfield, North Plainfield, Piscataway Township, & Edison.


Insulation is one of the most cost effective energy saving improvements you can make to your home, but what you may not realize is that not all insulation is created equal. All too often, hastily installed fiberglass batts or poorly installed cellulose with no air sealing can lead to insulation not performing as it was designed to — insulation’s R-Value is greatly decreased when air leaks allow cold air to permeate it (the black edges you often see on pink fiberglass batts are a tell-tale sign of air infiltration — that’s dirt and dust being carried through leaks and deposited in the insulation).

Infrared Thermography

Understanding and assessing the performance of a house is complicated, but modern technology has greatly improved the process, making it faster and easier to accurately pinpoint and resolve problems. The professional energy consultants from Quality Air Specialists utilize state-of-the-art Infrared Thermography to evaluate how a home performs. Infrared imaging cameras document minor differences in temperature, revealing moisture, heat, and cold, and thereby allowing us to quickly see where energy is being lost. Whether these losses are minor or excessive, thermal image scanning technology sees what the naked eye cannot.

Accurate Infrared Thermography Service

Regardless of the size or age of your home or business, the use of infrared thermography makes smart economic sense. Identification of missing and damaged insulation, losses around doors and windows, leaks in ductwork, and addressing the thermal envelope as a whole, leads to significant energy savings, moisture prevention, and improved comfort. Targeted improvement reduces the workload of your HVAC system, further trimming costs, lessening wear and tear, and extending equipment life. Contact the BPI certified professionals from Quality Air Specialists for more information to schedule an appointment. We’ve provided smart, straightforward, and effective solutions to energy waste for residential and commercial customers across New Jersey since 1985.

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality among the top environmental threats to public health? Airborne particles, mold and mildew, toxins from building materials, backdrafting combustion appliances, and dust and dander, combined with poor ventilation often lead to indoor air being many times more polluted than outdoor air.

Quality Air Specialists specializes in ensuring that your home is safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient, by using BPI’s Whole-House approach to home improvement upgrades. We analyze your home’s indoor air quality to make sure it meets safe and healthy standards, evaluate combustion appliances to make sure they’re operating as safely and efficiently as possible, and pair air sealing and insulation upgrades with increased mechanical ventilation, if necessary, to ensure that your home has a healthy level of ventilation, without sacrificing conditioned air or energy efficiency.

NJ Clean Energy Programs

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Our process at Quality Air Specialists is to begin with a comprehensive home energy audit, including blower door testing and infrared diagnostics, to pinpoint spots in your home where insulation was poorly installed, or has settled over time, and to focus on sealing air leaks and adding insulation in those areas, to make sure that your investment is the most cost effective possible.

With an insulation upgrade from Quality Air Specialists, paired with air sealing efforts to combat air infiltration, you can expect to net hundreds of dollars annually in energy savings, while living in a more comfortable home, with fewer drafts, lower utility bills, and a smaller carbon footprint. A number of rebates for energy efficiency improvements are also available to help pay with upfront costs. Contact us today to learn more.

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program is designed to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption.

The utility companies are offering rebates and financing to do this work on your home and in New Jersey there are 3 main utility companies participating. These companies are PSE&G , Elizabethtown Gas, and NJ Natural Gas, all 3 companies offer different rebates.

At Quality Air our goal is to maximize each homeowners rebate potential!!!!

Quality Air is a leader in the program for job’s completed and audits completed. As of 01/01/2011 we have completed over 200 jobs and everyone of our customers has been paid in full on their rebates. Quality Air handles all the paperwork, permits, and submittals needed for each project. The only thing you the customer are responsible for is filling out a simple loan application if needed.

To maximize the potential on the rebates and the 0% financing we need to make your home 20-25% more energy efficient than what it currently is. In order for us to do this properly an energy audit on your home is needed, the cost of the audit is refunded if you continue to do the work or if we cannot get you in the 20-25% project range.

For example on a typical single system home which includes a new 95% variable speed Trane furnace : If your project is under $14,000 and we are able to achieve a 25% reduction Quality air will wait for the $4,000 rebate. If the customer was granted the EFS loan for the balance of $10,000 then the customer has to pay nothing out of pocket. If the project is more than $14,000 then the remaining balance on the job has to be paid at the completion of the job.

Steps For Making It Through The Program

1. Call Quality Air for a verbal explanation of your home and what exactly you are looking to do.
2. Set up an audit date that works for you.
3. Collect the last 12 months of utility bills ( Gas, Electric, Propane, Oil, etc. ) – Must be done before audit is completed
4. Call or email EFS (Energy Financial Solutions) pre-qualify yourself for a loan – Must be done before audit is completed
5. Auditor does in-home inspection to write up work scope – Takes approximately 2 hrs to complete
6. Review the proposed work scope with auditor and sign contract.
7. Complete EFS loan documents – Customer is responsible for this
8. Quality Air gets permits, orders equipment, and sets install dates – Most jobs take 2-3 days to complete
9. Customer signes off on completed documents and pays balance of job in full.
10. Quality Air Submits all documents to NJ Clean Energy and EFS.