Quality Air Specialists provides prompt, skilled, and reliable air conditioner repair across New Jersey. Our team is prepared to tackle any challenge, and resolve the majority of issues right then and there. Fully-equipped service trucks, sophisticated diagnostic tools, and a complete inventory of quality replacement parts ensure swift turnaround. Scheduling at your earliest convenience, punctual arrival, and tidy job sites minimize disruption. At Quality Air Specialists, we take the important, extra steps that add up to your total satisfaction. Whether you’re confronted with a minor decrease in performance, strange sounds or smells, or sudden equipment failure, we’re standing by to restore your ideal comfort. Call us at 908.315.5441 for repairs that meet demand, season after season.


A/C Repair

Stay cool with expert A/C repairs!

The team from Quality Air Specialists is NATE-certified, BPI certified, Trane Comfort Specialist certified, EPA Lead Safe certified, and recognized as a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer. Our technicians are extensively experienced, highly trained, and specialize in energy efficiency. We not only pinpoint problems, but ensure that your cooling system is operating at maximum potential, promoting greater reliability, extended service life, and minimized monthly costs. By taking the time to perform thorough and conscientious repairs, we enhance the value and rewards of your investment.

When you need efficient and accurate air conditioning repairs, call Quality Air Specialists!
We work on all makes and models, both traditional and ductless systems, and provide the information, recommendations, and service you need to be entirely comfortable with your decisions. Established in 1985, we’ve built a reputation for quality across South Plainfield, North Plainfield, Piscataway Township, & Edison, and continue to hold ourselves to higher standards. For every type of challenge, Quality Air Specialists delivers perfect comfort.

A/C Service

When it comes to your cooling system, energy efficiency is a priority. Over time, whether your air conditioner is working hard or sitting idle, the inner workings collect dust and debris, and experience wear and tear. The result is greater energy use, higher monthly costs, more frequent repair needs, and shortened service life, adding up to unnecessary expense that is easily prevented. When you call on Quality Air Specialists for seasonal maintenance in New Jersey, we target energy efficiency. Through meticulous cleaning, tuning, and troubleshooting, we identify and resolve potential problems and restore components to peak condition. A clean, well-adjusted system provides healthier indoor air quality, maximum cooling capacity, minimal sound levels, and restored dehumidification for far less expense. And when Quality Air Specialists completes conscientious upkeep in the spring, you’ll know your system is ready to handle the summer heat.

Professional service for your A/C system!

The team from Quality Air Specialists is NATE-certified, BPI certified, and EPA Lead Safe certified. We are a Trane Comfort Specialist, Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, and Mitsubishi Electric Trade Partner. Our technicians are trained to exacting levels, regularly updated, and adhere to strict service procedures. Whatever the manufacturer, model, or age of your cooling system, whether it’s a conventional air conditioner or a ductless unit, we provide immediate and lasting improvement.

Enjoy the benefits of regular air conditioning service from Quality Air Specialists!

We make it simple and convenient to take excellent care of your essential comfort systems, providing accommodating appointment times, punctual arrival, and dedicated service. Established in 1985, we’ve seen the consequences of neglected maintenance, and we know exactly how to deliver maximum return from your investment. Find out why your friends and neighbors across South Plainfield, North Plainfield, Piscataway Township, & Edison highly recommend Quality Air Specialists. We bring you superior quality, value, and rewards.

A/C Installation

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or ductless cooling system, installing new or replacing old, Quality Air Specialists delivers maximum value for your investment. Established in 1985, we recognize the importance of consistent summer temperature control, without draining your budget. By prioritizing accurate load calculations, resolving existing issues with energy losses, and recommending only proven products, Quality Air Specialists ensures sustainable and optimum reliability, efficiency, and longevity. You’re going to save money every month on utility bills, avoid unnecessary malfunctions, and get more life out of your system. We specialize in Mitsubishi, Trane, and Carrier brand products, offering a wide selection of ductless and forced air units to match your specific requirements to state-of-the-art technology, innovative features, and modern conveniences. Let the specialists from Quality Air Specialists take the brutal heat and humidity of those summers in New Jersey, and create ideal comfort in your home.

Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC System Installation

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, Quality Air Specialists specializes in ductless HVAC system installation and service. Ductless systems provide flexible temperature control with the power and convenience of smartphone accessibility. Mitsubishi ductless products are easy to install and designed to fit in any living space. Ductless split systems also consume less energy than a traditional air conditioning system. If your home lacks existing ductwork, has recent additions or renovations, or has hot, stuffy rooms, then ductless air conditioning may be for you! Contact Quality Air Specialists today to discuss your options for Mitsubishi ductless HVAC installation.

The efficiency and reliability of your commercial HVAC system greatly affects your bottom line. Quality heating and cooling equipment, operating at peak performance, enhances the comfort, health, safety, and productivity of your indoor environment, protecting customers, employees, sensitive inventory, furnishings, and electronics. While the facility’s HVAC should remain unobtrusive, tucked out of sight and operating quietly, it is one of the top priorities in all types of businesses. At Quality Air Specialists, we achieve maximum return from your investment through targeted and effective services. Whether you are in need of new system installation, modernization of outdated equipment, seasonal maintenance, or prompt repair, we focus on sustainable solutions that minimize energy use and maximize overall performance. Through specialized services, such as Energy Audits and Infrared Thermography, we identify and resolve problems and concerns with your indoor environment.

Accurate Commercial HVAC Repairs, Service & Installations

All commercial services are handled by BPI certified, Trane Comfort Specialist certified, EPA Lead Safe certified, and NATE-certified technicians, who are trained to the most exacting industry standards. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, we are qualified and updated with innovations in ductless technology. Our fleet of clearly designated and fully-equipped service trucks, sophisticated diagnostic equipment, and complete inventory of quality replacement parts allows us to tackle the most complex challenges and bring about swift resolution.

Call Quality Air Specialists for commercial heating and cooling services!
We strongly recommend seasonal maintenance of all makes, models, and ages of HVAC equipment to combat wear and tear and restore peak performance. For every job, Quality Air Specialists provides punctual arrival, tidy job sites, conscientious cleanup, and minimized downtime. When you leave the installation, upkeep, and repair of your commercial HVAC system in our capable hands, Quality Air Specialists meets your highest expectations for the management of your indoor environment.

Commercial HVAC

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality among the top environmental threats to public health? Airborne particles, mold and mildew, toxins from building materials, backdrafting combustion appliances, and dust and dander, combined with poor ventilation often lead to indoor air being many times more polluted than outdoor air.

Quality Air Specialists specializes in ensuring that your home is safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient, by using BPI’s Whole-House approach to home improvement upgrades. We analyze your home’s indoor air quality to make sure it meets safe and healthy standards, evaluate combustion appliances to make sure they’re operating as safely and efficiently as possible, and pair air sealing and insulation upgrades with increased mechanical ventilation, if necessary, to ensure that your home has a healthy level of ventilation, without sacrificing conditioned air or energy efficiency.

For an efficient alternative to the traditional heating and air conditioning system, contact Quality Air Specialists in South Plainfield. We install Mitsubishi Ductless Split Systems in homes across South Plainfield, North Plainfield, Piscataway Township, & Edison. Ductless products offer precise temperature control, room to room. These systems are ideal for additions, renovations, enclosed patios, and homes lacking the space to install ductwork. Their compact size, quiet operation, and unobtrusive appearance let them fit in any living space. Call 908-315-5441 for ductless heating and ductless air conditioning installation, repair and service.

Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC System Installation & Service

HVAC Maintenance

Your heating and air conditioning equipment is a major investment. Like all other large investments – Homes, Autos, Appliances, etc., heating and air conditioning equipment requires maintenance on a regular basis to ensure long life and the most efficient operation possible.

As you can see, Quality Care Service provides many benefits, both short and long term.


HOURS – All contract service work will be done during regular working hours (M-F 8:30am – 5pm). After hours work will be an additional charge. Contract does not include any parts or materials (lube/cleaning supplies) necessary to perform required maintenance.

REPAIRS – Any repairs required beyond those provided in this agreement will be brought to your attention before repairs are made.

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Dedicated A/C Installation Service Contractors

As a Trane Comfort Specialist and Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, Quality Air Specialists is trained and knowledgeable in standard cooling equipment, as well as mini- and multi-split air conditioners and heat pumps. Our team is consistently updated, remaining current with evolving options and opportunities in residential temperature control. NATE-certified, BPI-certified, and EPA Lead Safe certified, we focus on energy saving strategies that trim costs, protect our environment, and result in superior and dependable corner-to-corner comfort.

Trustworthy air conditioning installations throughout South Plainfield, North Plainfield, Piscataway Township, & Edison!
Contact us at 908-315-5441 for flexible scheduling, and know that our team of professionals provide on-time arrival, knowledgeable information, and skilled management of every aspect of installation. We leave behind no mess or damage, and take the time to explain operation so that you are comfortable with the features of your new system. For both new installation and replacement, Quality Air Specialists brings rewarding solutions to temperature control to our customers across South Plainfield, North Plainfield, Piscataway Township, & Edison. We come highly recommended, because we work tirelessly to achieve your total satisfaction.

Ductless HVAC System Installation

Ductless Split Systems from Mitsubishi provide the best in indoor comfort. With benefits such as easy installation, high energy efficiency, zoned comfort control, and floor to ceiling comfort, you will never want to get another system again. Our team of technicians are highly qualified and knowledgeable in ductless HVAC systems, so you can get the best installation service around. These innovative systems solve problems such as heating/cooling additions, enclosed patios, homes without ductwork, and large multi-zone living spaces. Schedule your appointment today and get that comfort you’ve been missing.